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About E-Mastering

What is mastering?

Mastering is not only processing or getting the desired playback level for your recording. It is the last chance to check your recording with a professional who will put it under a audio microscope in a listening environment specifically designed for that. The mastering engineer will also help you with gaps between the songs creating a flowing arc that makes the album flow naturally from song to song. If corrections to the audio is needed, the mastering engineer will do those, if not he just approves the master and makes the red book standard master. The mastering engineer also puts the PQ codes (ISRC) to your recording if you have those. He also takes care of the final levels of the recording and that the levels stay constant during the whole album.

Why master with us?

We offer impeccable sound quality with reasonable price in our NE room which is specifically designed for mastering. Our mastering engineer has the training and years of experience to deliver you the best possible result. We take client satisfaction seriously and offer revision of the master if you are not completely happy with the first result.

We offer cheaper option with e-mastering, in which you send the files and all the relevant information (i.e. track listing etc.) to us and receive the final master delivered to you electronically, or send to you as a physical master.

There is a lot of services nowadays which offer immediate mastering of your audio. They are cheap, they have slick user interfaces and they offer you the result immediately. They however completely misunderstand the point of a mastering engineer. Mastering engineer is the last person who checks you recording, that everything is ok, that you can present your music to your listeners. It’s not about how loud your track will sound, any mastering engineer can make your track very loud. What you are paying for is a professional checking and processing of your music. You spent countless hours in crafting your song, I think it’s only appropriate that an actual person spends a bit time checking that everything is ok with your music. Mastering is much more than just level optimization, even though these services often offer only that. Yes, meters are important, they help you spot any problems and they help when fixing them, but no algorithm (at least yet) can substitute an actual person listening to your song and adjusting it based on what it needs, not just automatic adjusting by some algorithm.

For those clients who wish to participate in the mastering process, we offer this also. You are more than welcome to visit our facility. Complimentary beverages and snacks are included in the mastering.

Control Room 1

Control Room 1

What formats we accept?

44,1/48/96/192 kHz and 16/24 bit wav or aiff is preferred, but we can pretty much convert any audio format.

What software we use for mastering?

We use Sonic Studio SoundBlade for the mastering, we also have Pro Tools and Logic for editing and restoration.

Audio restoration

We also offer audio restoration services for various mediums


Sometimes recording conditions are not the optimal for podcasts, yet you still want to deliver good audio for your listeners or viewers. We can restore the audio, remove noises or hums; get rid if pops, clicks and various crackles. We can also process the voice so that it sounds better thus making it more enjoyable for the listener.


You have recorded audio for commercial and the it leaves a bit more to be desired? We can help with that. If there is some problem with the audio we can restore audible artefacts and then process the audio so that it sounds good for your targeted audience.

-videos, movies, tv and post production

Many times when you record the audio in the location it leaves something to be desired. There might be wind noises or some ambient noise throughout the whole sound recording. The levels may vary with the position of the persons in the picture or with the position of camera. All these can be fixed with satisfactory results. We have done multiple restorations like this and it is very rare that the recording is so bad quality that we cannot make it better.

Our mastering engineer

Esa Orjatsalo has a bit more than a decade of experience in mastering music. He studied music techonology in Orimattila Instituutti, and since graduating in 2006 has worked as a sound engineer in various studios and also as a live sound engineer. He did his first professional mastering gig in 2005 and since then has been passionately learning everything about mastering. If you want to read more about him you can visit his webpages in www.sevikaudio.com where you can find more info.

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